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Manage the users of the

The keeps difference between users and members. Members are registered users of the live presentation, users in contrast are the editors, publishers and administrators working with the system.

User permissions in the are divided into roles and rights. Roles define what user is allowed to do in system-wide perspective, rights regulate access to some particular objects or object groups.

As administrator you can search for single users (under the "Filter"-menu you find the simple and the extended search), create new users and edit existing ones.

  • Filters
    In the simple search you can search for names or part of names. In the extended search you also have many possibilities for an aimed search like e.g. for GUID, name, e-mail or single parts of the address.

  • Creating new Users
    How to create new users you find under "New - User".

  • Editing existing Users
    To edit existing users you find a list of all users of your system on the right side. The search in the "Filter"-menu helps to find single users.

    By the "Edit"-icon in front of the list you come to the "Edit"-mode of each user. There you find the menus, which are also under "New - User". You can change single data and edit categories, roles, rights and tasks.

    By the "Tools"-menu you can save the changed data. "Save" will save the data and bring you back to the list, "Apply" will save them and you remain on the "Edit"-page. "Back" brings you to the list without saving any changes. "New" lets you create a new user, "Delete" erases the current user.

  • Importing Users from Excel/CSV
    You can import existing users/members using Excel or CSV-format. Click "Import Users"-Button. More info about it is available under User Import.